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Symphony Financial Ltd. Co. - Make Our Advantage Your Advantage

Take your successful business to the next level with Symphony Financial Ltd. Co. With routes going back almost 90 years* of providing high net worth families with independent financial planning and asset management strategies. Now we are expanding that business to partner directly with other successful financial advisors to help grow their business.

We partner with financial advisors in the following situations:

Current LPL Financial advisors who want to move to the Hybrid-RIA structure.

Established advisors moving from other Broker/Dealers, RIA's and Insurance firms to an independent firm for flexibility and higher payouts.

Growth oriented advisors who want to grow their business by partnering with a firm who has a history of coaching and helping build multi-million dollar practices.

Tenured advisors who want to continue to run their successful business but work less and build a succession plan.

Leverage the power of the largest independent broker dealer LPL Financial**, advisor coaching program Peak Advisor Alliance, and Symphony Financial, Ltd. Co. one of the largest Hybrid-RIA firms in Texas.

Symphony Financial Ltd. Co. to take your successful business to the next level.

*Wallace Martin Burgoyne started in 1927, Wallace Carr Burgoyne began in 1965 and Wallace Carr Burgoyne Jr. began in 1990
**In the U.S., as reported in Financial Planning Magazine, 1996-2015, based on total revenue.
Symphony Financial, Ltd. Co., Peak Advisor Alliance LPL Financial are seperate entities.

The prospect of building wealth through successful investing has never held more appeal. But like any market, with increased demand for financial products has come increased supply. Investors are faced with what can be daunting choices.

As investment adviser representatives our professionals can help you define your long-term investment objectives and build a personalized investment portfolio designed to help pursue them. We recognize the importance of getting to know you – your financial needs, your financial goals and your lifestyle.

Our office was established to provide ongoing professional advice to investors while helping them work towards their individual investment objectives. We are able to do this by offering truly independent and objective financial advice on a fee basis. This method of compensation allows me to adjust your investment portfolio without requiring you to pay commissions.*

Working on a fee basis allows us to:

Customize an investment portfolio that is designed to help you pursue your short- and long-term    investment goals.

Provide simplified performance reporting, making it easy for you to monitor your account.

Support you with ongoing professional advice, timely information about your account and updates    on the world’s financial markets.

Manage your portfolio and make investment changes without commissions* as your objectives or    the economic climate changes.

If you would like any further information about fee-based asset management, wealth management or other areas of investing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Nominal transaction charges may apply.